Party & Wedding

32 rum & kök is large enough for wedding parties and small enough to give an at-home feel, both of which are important to us. Many guests rent the entire hotel for the weekend to make the most of their celebration and to really get quality time with friends and family.

From 2 to 90 people
Distance to:
Closest church: 967 m
Sigtuna Townhall: 607 m
Water : 11 m
Kitchen: 0 m
Bar: 0 m
Bed: 0 m

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Is it Grandma’s birthday?
Celebrate with some bubbly
in the evening sun!


32 rum & kök is big enough to host a wedding party but also small enough for you to feel at home, which is something that is very important to us. Many will rent the whole hotel over a whole weekend to make the most out of the celebrations and really enjoy spending time with the friends, family and each other.



We are probably most proud of our food here at 32 rum & kök. Together with you, we can make plans for a menu that best suits your wedding style. Is your style classy or trendy, cake or dessert, or do you want it all? Our culinary professionals, Magnus, Stefan and Rolle often receive accolades for their food – try it and you’ll understand why.



32 rum & kök, standing on the lakefront and overlooking Sigtuna’s guest harbor has a view that is hard to beat. We are walking distance to the church, town hall and many other picturesque places to say “I do”. It’s easily accessible for far away guests since Sigtuna is close to both Stockholm as well as Arlanda Airport.
Call us to arrange a meeting to discuss your dream wedding – there are only so many Saturdays in a year!


There is a great tradition

of wedding parties at

32 rum & kök.


This is the place where

every opportunity exists

to create your dream

wedding during all the

seasons of the year.


We know that there is a

lot to think about before

a wedding, and we will be

there for you during all

the planning. We will take

care of everything that

involves the party,

tailored after your

wishes, and also offer

pre-made wedding deals

for 10-80 guests.